Kia Orana, my name is Alexandra Moana King.

I am a Polynesian and Maori visionary, storyteller, photographer. I was born in Opotiki on the East Coast of Aotearoa(New Zealand) where my mothers family and tribes(iwi) descend through Whakatohea, Ngai Tuhoe and Ngati Porou.

My Marae(sacred meeting grounds) are Kutarere Marae, Omaramutu Marae and Opape Marae.

However since birth, I was raised in Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands where my father comes from. Our families descend from the islands of Mangaia and Rarotonga and our tribe and Vaka is Uritaua, which in history descended from Hawaii. Our hapu is Ngati Putua.

I have been on my photography journey for the past 11 years. Specialising in portrait photography, photo documentary, storytelling and wedding photography and film, I have photographed clients from around the world and learnt how to craft emotional stories through this visionary journey.

I am self taught and I've never studied photography. As an indigenous woman, visual storytelling and photography has come naturally to me and has played a huge role in my life as an influential healing tool. I am also a mother of one daughter who is 9 years old, and she too has taught me valuable lessons. She brings much inspiration and driving force to my creative work and goals.

Over the last few years through my photography and storytelling work, I have reconnected to my culture and community and I have landed in a niche market, re creating and re imagining our narratives as indigenous and Polynesian people. I use my privileges as an artist to bring about an impactful, powerful and positive change to my communities and challenge the world view on who we are within our cultural identities.

I have also recently founded and created an NGO in the Cook Islands called

Te Ara o te Akau, in collaboration with some of my close friends and co-founders. This NGO is focused on ocean conservation through coral restoration; restoring our coral reef and protecting our marine life.

I am a proud indigenous wahine(woman) visual artist and storyteller and this has been my decade long journey of re discovering, reclamation and re creating myself and the vision of our people through photography and storytelling.

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What else would you like to know?

Where are you currently based?

I am living in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. This is where I was brought up before moving to Samoa and New Zealand for schooling.
I'm running both my photography business and my local NGO "Te Ara o te Akau"

What is your photography style & personality?

I'm pretty laid back! I have a natural vibe and a sense of humour. I like to have a sense of humour when I'm working to help ease any tension or angst with clients who may struggle in front of the camera. But I've also always naturally been an anxious person, so photography has always helped me in this space.

What type of photoshoots are you offering?

I've gone from photographing weddings and portraits 90% of the time to now doing more photo documentary, storytelling and editorial photography. I am very passionate about documenting our communities, our people and their stories.

I have been blessed to have been featured in international exhibitions, magazines and local media.
My goal is to capture stories, and socially impactful events in life and share them to bring more awareness. I advocate a lot for indigenous rights, womens rights against domestic abuse and judicial abuse, climate change, environmental issues, and animal welfare. I've always been passionate about humanitarian work and have a lot of respect for people who do this work on a global scale.

Are you still photographing weddings?

Yes, however over the next couple years I won't be photographing weddings as much. I am currently specialising in documentary photography and film so my focus over the next two years is changing.

Do you offer videography or cinematography?

I don't offer videography for wedding work, however I am now doing short film documentary work for my personal projects and other assignments.

What equipment do you shoot with?

I use top end Canon DSLR cameras with a range of Sigma Art & Canon prime lenses.

Do you travel for photography work?

Yes. Essentially for portrait and wedding photography I would travel at additional costs.

I also currently travel for film and documentary projects.

Can we order prints through you?

Yes you can order prints on the Prints page or contact me for more information on the type of prints and sizes you are looking for. I will be opening a print room/gallery in due course!

Do you photograph family portrait + maternity sessions?

Yes I have seperate packages for these sessions, you can contact me to find more information.

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