Canvas & Framed prints for sale

Print Prices

There is a printing cap on each image. Once this cap has been reached it will be removed. To keep the value and rarity of the image each on will only be sold up to 5 times.

Canvas Print (Museum Wrap/Mounted)

  • A1 $420.00NZD
  • A2 $370.00NZD
  • A3 $340.00NZD
  • 16x24 $370.00NZD
  • 20x30 $401.00NZD

Art Paper Print

  • A1 $385.00NZD
  • A2 $332.00NZD
  • 16x24 $335.00NZD
  • 20x30 $370.00NZD

Pearl Print

  • A1 $365.00NZD
  • A2 $325.00NZD
  • A3 $300.00NZD
  • 16x24 $320.00NZD
  • 20x30 $342.00NZD

International shipping excluded, costs are calculated per order.