Storytelling & Photo-documentary

Storytelling through visual art can be a powerful healing tool. For many years photographers from outside of communities have used the art of photography to exploit vulnerable communities and share incorrect narratives and context.

Storytelling through photography has reconnected me to my indigenous roots, cultural identity, and guided me to the subjects of social and environmental injustice, un-ethical practices, and indigenous rights. Documenting stories in a very intimate way to by building a genuine relationship with the community and the story, show things that can be triggering or difficult to talk about in our every day society.

Through this photo-documentary journey it has opened my eyes to the many injustices we face around the world, different communities, different stories and it is a realisation that photography is a privilege and it must be used wisely as we influence the narrative. What we do impacts the world. And I am truly grateful to be apart of this journey.

Pukapuka | Cook islands | To Matou olaanga

Sumatra, Indonesia | The Palm Oil Industry

Rarotonga, Cook ISLANDS | mIKE tAVIONI-master carver & taonga


mangaia, cook islands| community traditions of au'au enua